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Everything you need to know to lead a trendy life and be attractive : latest fashions, tips and tricks, make-up, skin, hair and body care, it’s all here! But if you feel like you still need more information, you can take a look at which is a website we fully recommend to women willing to learn how to be seductive!





For a classy and
romantic makeup

Make-up is the essential fashion accessory for “coquette” women, the little something that can radically transform a woman. Although the fashion for black make-up or brown lips is still in vogue, more and more people are letting themselves be seduced and adopting peach and apricot tones for the fall.

Dazzle during the autumn with make-up that adopts its colours, apricot peach shades for a note of fruit, delicacy and softness. The shade of pinkish orange of peach and apricot and their fruity and gourmet note are immediately reminiscent of the warm colours of the sun. But there is more to it than that. These two shades also match very well with the colour of autumn leaves. Transition between summer, spring and autumn, the apricot peach shades bring warmth, freshness and above all naturalness. Under the apricot peach tone, your make-up will be at its best for a chewy complexion.

Body, hair, face, nails...take care of yourself every day!

Body, hair, face, nails...take care of
yourself every day!

Who doesn’t love having pretty hands with refined, simple and elegant nails? French manicure ensures yours will never be old-fashioned. French manicure is the most popular nail make-up method in the world for its long-lasting hold and uneven elegance. It can be done by a beautician or in a beauty centre, not to mention that you can do all of this by yourself after getting coached. Thankfully, beauty coaches like those talked about at are here to help!

Dress according to your morphology

Being well dressed does not mean knowing how to combine colours or wear trendy clothes, it means enhancing your figure with the right clothes. Each woman has a morphology that is unique to her and corresponds to a type of clothing so that her silhouette is graceful, harmonious and advantageous.

Bright skin through food

Healthy foods are a source of many benefits that help to fight certain diseases: diabetes, vascular diseases, etc., Foods are also known to influence our skin. Indeed, the skin is a vulnerable tissue, which makes it important to know these foods.

All you need to know about oriental waxing

To remove hair is to remove it so that it grows slower and your skin is softer. Oriental hair removal is a waxing technique that is suitable for everyone to properly clean the armpits, remove all hidden or ingrown hairs from the legs, arms and bikini area.

Firm buttocks easily

You don't have to go to the gym to get your body to take up some of the shapes of a model. A few minutes at home are enough to work the muscles of the abs and buttocks or both together. The postures are simple to perform, and they make muscles in the abdominal and buttock regions work precisely.

Keep your hair healthy

Women go to great lengths to take care of their hair by investing even a very considerable amount of money. The number of treatments and techniques offered in beauty salons is countless, yet it is enough to respect certain good habits to keep hair healthy daily.

Knowing how to lose weight: the best slimming recipes

Learning to eat again and managing your plate means knowing how to lose weight, that is, eating well and balancing calorific intake by spending energy. But it must be recognized that there is no miracle recipe that will degrease without any risk!