Does Mercedes-Benz make perfumes?

Yes. Mercedes perfumes have been in production since their introduction in 2012. The ranges vary differently for both men and women with the latest addition being earlier in 2022. The mixture of elegance and luxury has been brought to the…

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Stones and lithotherapy minerals: what are the uses of emerald stone?

Emerald is a natural stone that emits green light, which is a vibration that will open the floods of love into your life. Though the stone is best for non-invasive natural treatment methods, it is believed to take away the…

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lithotherapy jewelry

Online guide to buying lithotherapy jewelry

Did you know that natural stone jewellery contains a surprising amount of power that can be used for healing purposes? According to these are stones that can be used to assist with self-confidence, sleep patterns, enhance concentration, and even make it…

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The elixir of beauty

“If the bee disappeared from the face of the earth, Man would have only 4 years to live, no bees, no pollination, no grass, no animals, no people…”. Affirma Einstein… If the bee takes in hand several natural phenomena, honey…

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Virtues of a natural scrub is essential for the skin of pregnant women

Organic skin care has changed the world of cosmetics and given women a lot of hope. They have replaced several treatments and made them optional because they are so capable of reducing most skin problems. Therefore, preparing your own scrub…

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Pamper your skin with natural skin care products prepared at home

You may find a range of effective lifting and moisturizing anti-aging beauty products, but you may also make mistakes and come across the wrong choice. No need to spend a fortune to buy scrubs and moisturizers for your body and…

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Get your complexion ready for a stunning tan all summer long

Tanned skin is synonymous with a healthy glow.  It is a complexion that all women seek in summer, regardless of the method. Because sudden exposure to the sun is risky for the skin and recurrent sunburn can lead to very…

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The BB Cream is a triple-functional treatment

BB “blemish balm cream” is the trendy product of the moment that has quickly achieved great success in the world of cosmetics.  The boom of this product is explained by its triple promise, 3 in 1 to unify, correct and…

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Scrub and tone the skin with organic products

The skin is fed up with ultra-perfected skin care products, it still needs to be pampered by more effective recipes and natural products. Come and discover with our professionals the best beauty tips for a sublimated complexion and an optimized…

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