Does Mercedes-Benz make perfumes?


Yes. Mercedes perfumes have been in production since their introduction in 2012. The ranges vary differently for both men and women with the latest addition being earlier in 2022. The mixture of elegance and luxury has been brought to the scents to provide a sense of class and greatness. Mercedes-Benz is a well-known brand in the luxury community. Their extensive range of vehicles has made them part of the conversation worldwide among the high and mighty. Reinventing and always above trends, the search for luxury and quality, and ever mindful of culture and design, they have joined the creative fashion and fragrance industry. The power of combining exceptional talent with the passion for excellence and technology led to the masterpiece which is Mercedes perfumes.

Collaborations and Branding

Perfume for women comes in many shapes designs and sizes. Mercedes Has partnered with well know and expert glassmakers from France to create elegant glass bottles and containers for the perfume. Different designs are incorporated into the Very recognizable Mercedes Benz three-prong star to provide class and a symbol of luxury and elegance to any who puts it on. Perfume for women comes in very beautifully designed bottles that are elegantly shaped and fit into any purse or bag you plan for the night. The pearly bottles with velvet textures are unmistakable, with smooth curves showcasing femininity. Options like Mercedes Benz woman in red, pop edition, eau de toilette, and Eau de parfum bring out the womanly scent of sophistication. The constant quest for unique quality perfume is created through relations with renowned perfume makers like Olivier Cresp, who created the Select, Philippe Romano, Michel Almairac Annie Buzantian, and Harry Fremont. Keen perfume enthusiasts will recognize the names instantly as they only make the best.

Fragrance and Technology

Mercedes are known for innovation and technological advancements in the motoring industry with cutting edge designs and comfort while driving. The same energy has been introduced in the new fragrance lines with only the best being used and chosen with much care to produce exquisite scents that linger for hours and are unmistakable. The women's fragrances are made by a woman for the woman, The eau de toilette is all about vitality and sensuality. Warm notes of blackcurrant and pear matched with Lilly and Arabian jasmine bring out the passion in the fragrance to provide an unforgettable scent that will surely turn heads. The Mercedes Benz Select with a fragrance of citrus and wood with base notes of patchouli, musk, and ambroxan give a sensuous fragrance, while apple and mint provide depth to the perfume, making it draw attention and awe. Exclusive scent technology in the molecules helps to make the fragrance linger for longer and also stay fresh after being put on. The natural ingredients are meticulously mixed to bring out the luxurious scent the name deserves. Top notes and base notes combine to make it a unique experience for every individual that wears the perfume.


Driving in with a Mercedes vehicle immediately draws attention to whoever walks out of the car. The emblem is instantly recognizable to anyone. Mercedes perfumes ensure you attract the same attention when walking into the room, everyone will notice the scents and immediately recognize that luxurious fragrance. Walking out of the car does not mean leaving the Mercedes Benz in the parking lot but walking in with an aura of confidence the same way you drove in. The attitude that comes from being instantly recognized and related to the brand even without the vehicle by your side. Keep the confidence on from outside to that meeting in the office later that day.
The colognes and perfumes are created with the best technology and ingredients to live up to the companies motto of only the best will do, to provide the best. The colognes last longer than the perfumes but provide the same fragrances for longer periods. Unique creations and collaborations from talented artists from designing the glass bottles to creating the glass in France and manufacturing the perfume, these offer a sense of modernity and provide the best gifts that will be appreciated from the effort put into making the product elegant and stylish.

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