Online guide to buying lithotherapy jewelry

lithotherapy jewelry

Did you know that natural stone jewellery contains a surprising amount of power that can be used for healing purposes? According to these are stones that can be used to assist with self-confidence, sleep patterns, enhance concentration, and even make it easier to interact with other people.

But which stones are considered the best healers? The following is everything you need to know about these stones.

What Is Litho Therapy?

Simply put, lithotherapy is a blend of ancestral techniques that relies on both chromo therapy (use of colors) and the use of hot stone massage (stones). These techniques are used to heal a wounded mind and body. In this case, lithotherapy functions on the notion that all natural stones emit energy and vibration. Once emitted, this energy contains healing powers, which helps to heal the body once they have been absorbed into it.

How Does It Work?

For lithotherapy to have the intended effect, an individual can wear these stones in the form of jewellery, e.g., earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Alternatively, one can also choose to arrange the stones in their room when they are still in their original form to help harness the stone virtues.

Stone influences are likely to change depending on factors such as the size of each stone. It’s believed that big stones tend to emit bigger vibrations. This means that they will also possess enhanced healing powers.

The reception of the body to the stone that it has come into contact with will change depending on the kind of minerals that are present in that particular organism. Potassium, magnesium, and iron are the most common minerals in the human body.

Apart from being sensitive, these minerals also respond very well to those that are located in the outer world.

Which Are the Best Stones for Healing?

As mentioned above, different stone properties can be found in different stones. The following is a look at stones recommended for lithotherapy:

– Amazonite: It’s a stone recommended for use by someone who has sustained serious injuries. It helps them to start opening up to the world again as they undergo the healing process

– Rose Quartz: Also known as the love stone. It’s a stone that enables its users to select their relationships and lovers more carefully. A person who has been hurt by love before will also get to heal their broken heart.

– Labradorite: If you find yourself stuck with a difficult decision, then this stone should help you gain clarity and clear your head over the situation that you are facing.

– Calcite: The stone is recommended for use by people who find themselves having to make explanations to others. It possesses a calming effect that makes it easier to sort out their thoughts enabling them to explain themselves more clearly.

– Quartz: It’s one of the most common stones that you can come across. It exists in varying forms and is popular with people who are encountering doubts or are looking forward to eliminating negative thoughts from their minds.

– Garnet: Has your sex life been experiencing some issues? If so, you need to connect with this stone. It will provide a boost to your creativity, energy, and libido.

– Lapis Lazuli: It’s a deep blue semi-precious stone that enables its users to see things more clearly. It comes in handy when a person is seeking guidance, or when they are feeling lost for one reason or another.

– Citrine: It falls in the quartz family and is meant to assist in boosting your self-confidence. Any person using it will get an opportunity to calm down in those moments when they are faced with relationships that appear to be overpowering them.

– Carnelian: Recommended for women as it makes it possible for them to reconnect with their deep femininity and sensitivity.

– Amethyst: Did you recently fight with your father? The properties in this stone help to appease any conflicts that you may have found yourself in with an authority figure in your life. It’s particularly recommended for persons looking to reconcile with their fathers.

Why Buy Lithotherapy Jewellery Online?


Any person who has shopped online can agree that online shopping is very convenient. It makes it easier for you to look at lithotherapy jewellery when at the coffee shop, office, or at home without ever having to visit the physical store.

What is better than getting to shop for a healing stone from the comfort of your couch?

Even if the online store is located in a different country, you still get to choose what you want without ever going to that shop. The fact that many stores have 24/7 online support means that your queries will get addressed in no time.


Have you ever noticed how difficult it has become to window-shop at regular jewellery stores? Factor in the relentless and persuasive salesmen and women and you are in for a long shopping trip!

Nothing is more annoying than someone who is trying to convince you to buy a certain piece of jewellery yet you already know what you would like to buy.

The best thing with online websites is that you never have to interact with such people. You only get to deal with the customer care reps who are always more than willing to help clients out.

Additionally, the fact that you will not have to encounter someone judging the choices you have made makes it even easier to shop for lithotherapy jewellery online.

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