Get your complexion ready for a stunning tan all summer long

Tanned skin is synonymous with a healthy glow.  It is a complexion that all women seek in summer, regardless of the method. Because sudden exposure to the sun is risky for the skin and recurrent sunburn can lead to very serious complications such as skin cancer, photo-aging (premature aging or helioderma).

Get a stunning tanned complexion in minutes

Having a dream complexion, a healthy glow without UV and even in Paris without sun is possible with the selection of top-of-the-range and inexpensive products. Indeed, we have all the alternatives that will match your summer clothing: dresses or necklines... and that will allow you to have a bright outfit every day without burning your skin under a blazing sun.

Bronzing Primer sun embellisher

It is the beautifier who offers the skin a triple action in a single gesture. Its ultra-natural tanning effect meets all expectations of healthy, smooth, matte and tanned skin. Its ultra-sensory creamy texture blends perfectly into the skin's surface, allowing it to be applied to oily skin alone or with other products: foundation or powder... Its packaging is practical to slip it into your handbag without embarrassing yourself. The shade adapts to all skin tones, from the lightest to the darkest, and its chocolate fragrance, as with all the products in the range, is exquisite.

Maxi delight bronzer

Le Bourjois is the perfect complement to your summer for a matte and smooth complexion all season long. Let yourself be enchanted by this BB Cream Soleil with 8 make-up and care actions in a single gesture for a flawless healthy glow effect.

A lipstick designed to be able to dare all colours!

Thanks to its melting formula, Colour Boost is the best alternative for depositing a brightly coloured veil, with the right amount of brilliance and transparency to enhance each shade. Its pure and gourmet colours are easy to wear and to consume without moderation. Its new generation formula, with its light texture and silk extracts, leaves a sensation of lips. Its daily application will provide you with all the necessary comfort and hydration for 10 hours.

Delicious High Protection Facial Cream SPF 30 - 50ml Nuxe

It is a recommended cream for all circumstances. It is ideally designed to fight against photo-aging. It promotes the activation of natural tanning thanks to the natural locust bean powder it contains. Its formula made of water hyacinth and Kau Pe sunflower soothes and moisturizes the skin and provides it with a long-lasting tanned complexion.
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