Virtues of a natural scrub is essential for the skin of pregnant women

Organic skin care has changed the world of cosmetics and given women a lot of hope. They have replaced several treatments and made them optional because they are so capable of reducing most skin problems. Therefore, preparing your own scrub at home has become the must for all pregnant women.

The virtues of a scrub

Need to pamper your skin and prepare it for a good hydration? Come and discover our recipe and its respective approach. Scrubbing is recommended for all skin types, except those suffering from acne or rosacea, who have dilated blood vessels or those with sensitive and irritated, mature or thin skin, burned by the sun and wind. For silky soft skin during 9 months of pregnancy, it is important to pamper your skin. Indeed, no method can replace the softening and nourishing scrub. To take care of your skin and keep it soft throughout your pregnancy, scrubbing is essential. And since a pregnant woman is sensitive to the harmful effects of chemical cosmetics, a natural scrub can play a role in cleaning the skin properly. Your skin deserves a little pampering, doesn't it?

Preparation and ingredients

7 tablespoons coarse sea salt 3 tablespoons of liquid honey 1 tablespoon sweet almond or olive oil Pour the honey and oil into a bowl, mix well until you obtain a homogeneous cream. Then add the coarse salt. Mix gently and keep your scrub in a pretty glass jar.

 Use of the system

Simply massage your elbows, legs, knees, heels and buttocks about once a week with the mixture, on skin moistened with warm water. For the stomach, simply apply sweet almond oil every day to soften the skin and prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Forget the face too: coarse salt is too abrasive for delicate skin. Then rinse yourself thoroughly with warm water and dry your skin with a thick, warm towel. In the end you will have velvety skin like a baby.
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