The BB Cream is a triple-functional treatment

BB "blemish balm cream" is the trendy product of the moment that has quickly achieved great success in the world of cosmetics.  The boom of this product is explained by its triple promise, 3 in 1 to unify, correct and give radiance to your skin. Where beauty and perfection of the complexion prevails over make-up... It does not colour but corrects imperfections with a very velvety peach skin finish. Its formula has been specially designed to respect the nature of Asian skin and adapt to their cosmetic needs while also suitable for lighter skin. Both a cream and a make-up presented in the form of a cream, light from one brand to another, BB Cream, is used every day, and can be worn alone or as a make-up base. It’s very particular texture is transformed and evaporates with the warmth of the skin. The goal of the game is to focus on the naturally beautiful bare skin effect. It is indeed an anti-ageing treatment and a multifunctional complexion unifier, which unifies, corrects, protects, illuminates and hydrates your complexion in a single step. In addition to correcting the complexion, BB Cream provides the skin with all it needs to give it the radiance and protection of UVA/UVB and the hydration necessary for the epidermis.

BB Crème this summer is ideal for summer

It is a solution that will allow you to forget all the other skin correctors that do not hold up with heat. A BB Cream like the Clinique BB Cream contains an SPF 30 which is a combination of chemical and physical sunscreens that will absorb harmful UV rays on the one hand and provide additional protection against UVA and UVB rays on the other hand. The cream will perfectly protect you daily, in the city or on the terrace with a sun that plays hide and seek with the clouds.
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