Eyelash extensions: how to choose the right products?

Eyelash extensions

Is it one of those days you need to look good, but the mascara doesn't quite fit with your outfit? Perhaps you've seen a friend with beautiful eyelashes, and you're wondering how they got to be that good. Unfortunately, not all women are blessed with long and curved eyelashes to complete the wonderful look on their faces. Luckily, you can find eyelash extensions products of your choice and complement the shape of your eyes whenever you're going out on dates or appointments. But with so many options in the market, how do you choose the right eyelash extensions? Below is a brief discussion on how to choose the right product.

Go for the right length

As you prepare to choose the best eyelash extensions products, you must choose the right length to avoid damaging your natural eyelashes. The length you choose highly determines how good the extensions look on you. Normally, eyelash extensions measure 8 to 15 mm, and the length you choose should not be more than 2 mm longer the size of your natural eyelashes. Wearing extra-long eyelashes may cause them to drop, and since they are attached using an adhesive substance, this may also cause damage to your natural lash line. The normal eyelash length is about 10 mm, so adding an extension that's 2 mm longer adds 20% of your natural eyelash length. If you are the kind that has long eyelashes, going for longer eyelash extensions is ok since the chance of them dropping is low. However, those with short eyelashes are recommended to go for shorter extensions.

Check the thickness

Getting the products depends on a couple of things, and so do eyelash extensions. While you check out the length that suits you best, don’t forget to check the thickness too. Eyelash extensionsthickness range from .05 to .25 mm in diameter. The thickness you choose will depend on the style you wish to apply, the strength of your eyelashes as well as the length. You might also want to avoid going for the thickest one. They are too heavy and require eyelash extension training for proper handling. If you like a classic look, a thickness of .15 mm is recommended since it gives a maximum effect and retains your natural look without damaging your eyelashes.

The style

With the most common eyelash types, the Cat Eye and Doll Eye, there is nothing much to get confused about. You have to know your eye formation and make sure to choose the type that suits you best since they create different effects.

  • Cat Eye. Being the most popular style out there, Cat Eye is compatible with most people’s eyes and always seems to bring out the best looks in them. The look can be noticed from a far distance for its unique appearance. The extensions appear longer at the end of your eyelashes and shorten towards the inner corners of the eyes.
  • Doll Eye. Unlike the Cat Eye, Doll Eye appears longer in the middle of the eyes and shorter towards the edges. If you have hooded or deep eyes, this is the style for you. Doll Eye style creates the look of bigger eyes hence bringing out the ’sexiness’ in them.

The Curl

In this section, your choice depends on how much you want your eyelashes ’curved’ upwards. Eyelash extensions are placed in groups from B to D. If you love a natural look, a ’B’ will bring out the look perfectly. While a ’D’ is curly and is loved by most superstars, the ’C’ is the most popular type of eyelashes out there. It brings out your natural look with a maximum effect for every occasion.

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