The plunging square is the glamorous hairstyle of the season

Whether it is half-long, gradient, fringed, curly or short, the plunging square makes us all crack. Most people have tried it square diving, first, Victoria Beckham first, Katie Holmes with a fringe, and Rihanna.... The plunging square is a revisited hairstyle, mischievous and feminine, with a clear neck and lengths around the face, a style inspired by the 1920s. It is the trendy hairstyle of the season that enhances the beauty of the eyes and generally adapts to all skin tones and facial shapes.

The Franck salon and the plunging square hairstyle

Franck Provost excels in the creation of his short squares. It proceeds wick by wick The particularity of the cut consists of already short strands on the front, the artistic director of the salon, Franck Provost works the plunging square on the sides and tries to find the right angle for each face in order to achieve a perfect plunging square! He defines the base of the square and gradually; he dives over the lengths by cutting outwards to give this plunging square effect. Once the plunging line is defined, we move to the gradient to mark a little more the effect of the plunging square. Fabien Provost degrades into a stitching to preserve a natural and relaxed look by keeping the parting in the middle to give the choice to the movement you want to give to the hair. Obtain a plunging square without scissors For those who like the diving square, there is a simple technique to get a short cut without sacrificing your beautiful hair. First, we start by noting a part on the top of the head.  Then, we take the part under the hair near the nape and make it into a mat or gives, depending on the volume of your hair, which we must fix with pliers so that it is as invisible as possible. Then I take the hair from the top of the head and comb it down so as to give it volume and the same for the right side. This hairstyle can be especially suitable for tapered, degraded hair. I split my hair in three and insert under what I did at first, while fixing it with small pliers. The goal is to make it hold well to create an illusion. We try to fix as much as possible if the hair is long enough to be as perfect as possible. If the hair does not exceed the level of the neck and chin it is perfect, it is not necessary to attach them, and you can add a small accessory on the side
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