The short cut is a trendy hairstyle of the season

Hair is often synonymous with femininity, which is why long hair is so sensual. On the other hand, it is very rare to see women wearing short hair because it is difficult to sacrifice a long hair overnight and trade it for a boy's haircut. But be aware that if long hair is sexy, short hair is much more original, only you must know how to wear this hairstyle correctly.

The short cuts of the stars

One of the main trends in hairdressing in 2013 is the short cut. The tops are stars like Zhang Ziyi and his short haircut, worn on the first evening of the 66th Cannes Film Festival. Audrey Tautou, for her part, was magnificent with her boyish haircut on the first day of the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. Returning to the charming stars of Cannes with short cuts makes us want to get a haircut. However, the first constraint is the decision, which is not at all easy, as it requires courage and also turning to a skilled face and hairdresser. This season, the stars are betting a lot and are going out with a casual glamorous look thanks to their short cuts.

Who does it correspond to according to the faces?

Before cutting everything, make sure that the face and silhouette are made to have short hair. Professional advice is necessary to choose the right hairstyle. The short cut accentuates the curves, so you adopt it if you have rather a thin face and a slender silhouette. If you have a rather round face, it may accentuate the curves even more. The short, even ultra-short cut can be worn at any age. It gives dynamism and originality to a small middle-aged woman. And if you're tired, you can add extensions to change your look.  
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