The mistakes you shouldn’t make on your hair

Our hair is subject to many stupid things we do every day without realizing how serious they are.  Here are the mistakes you should avoid at all costs to have flamboyant, voluminous hair. We'll start from the least serious to the worst mistake: Error #10 Do not let the conditioner or mask act on her hair. Why? Why? It is better to let it work for 10 to 15 minutes or it will be ineffective. It is good to use a conditioner for each shampoo application that is left on your hair for about an hour, two hours. Error #9 Washing your hair with your head forward tangles your hair, especially when you start having regrowth. Instead, wash your hair back in the shower, it's easier. The best method is to comb them before washing so that they can be untangled. We run the water and when we shampoo, we must try not to get them too tangled. This keeps hair straight and easy to style. Error #8 Sleep loose or tied hair with an elastic band without protecting it. You have to sleep with the wrap by putting a satin scarf on your hair to protect it so it stays flat. Error #7 Putting on hairspray or gel sticks and burns the hair. Error #6 Do not use the conditioner without rinsing. It is a great mistake to neglect this very effective care for detangling and softness of the hair. Error #5 Do not use the heat protector, which limits damage caused by the diffused heat from dryers and smoothing irons. Since heat is the worst enemy of our hair, its use must be reduced. Error #4 Using the plates every day breaks them. Error #3 Relax every month at home. On the other hand, the straightening is done every two months and if you can wait longer so much better, less is better. Error #2 Straighten all lengths except for the first straightening. It is just necessary to apply the straightening on the lengths just on the new regrowth. Error #1 The worst mistake that can ruin your hair: Bleaching twice in a row to hide a colour you didn't like.
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