A shampoo application with essential oils

Hair is constantly subjected to all kinds of external aggressions: water, sun, brush, comb, hair dryer, colouring, straightening... The covering tiles that form the hair cuticle are essential to protect it and give it a shiny appearance. When they are closed, they give the hair a shiny appearance and if the cuticle is bristly, your hair becomes dull and shiny. To avoid these anomalies, the diet must first be healthy, and you must also know how to choose your shampoos and treatments. Preventive tips could also help you regain silky, vigorous hair, while ensuring a certain impermeability and good cohesion of the hair fibre cells.

Very simple and cheap beauty tips

One of the tips we chose to recommend it to you has been tried by professionals who have highly approved its results. Indeed, it also turns out that all those who have carried it out have stated that it is incredibly effective. It consists in putting a few drops of essential oils in your shampoo dose. This will allow you to strengthen the hair and make it much more voluminous, much stronger, to detoxify the scalp, to increase blood circulation also on this area, which activates the growth. You will see the difference over a week, your hair will be sheathed, thick and resistant. Just mix a few drops of essential oil in your shampoo dose. You emulsify and apply to your hair. You let it work for at least a minute so that the oils can penetrate the scalp.

Which essential oil to choose?

Several oils are suitable for this use: The essential oil: Of noble laurel Sweet orange Of yland-yland Ginger From Bay of St. Thomas Rosemary from Verbenone True lavender Rosewood All these essential oils have properties, but in general you can turn to the noble laurel and sweet orange which are very invigorating and work with all hair types.

The properties of these oils

The oil of the noble laurel

It is quite aromatic and has the advantage of being invigorating for the hair. Rosemary oil We recommend it for brown hair because it intensifies hair colour, but above all, it is fortifying. Ylang ylang oil It is characterized by its more feminine scent. So, all those who like to perfume their hair, can turn to it. Ginger oil As for ginger oil, it stimulates blood circulation, so it will help hair growth. It is especially intended to be more masculine, which is why we recommend it for men who suffer from hair loss. True lavender oil In addition to its excellent fragrance, it is recommended to fight all kinds of scalp epidemics. It is suitable for all types of scalp and it helps especially those who are oily and helps to regulate sebum.

An anti-dandruff treatment

All the essential oils listed below are equally effective. They have an antiseptic power that can help you forget the problem of dandruff and dehydration of the scalp.

Our favourite blend

The favorite blend we recommend today is a blend of essential oils of noble laurel + orange + ylang ylang ylang. Three drops of this mixture will get through all the problems that affect or could affect and damage your hair.

The result

Shine, softness and strength of the hair + Good scalp health
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